Study Costs

Fees for university courses in the United Kingdom depend on which university and course you choose, and whether you are from another European Union country or not. All prices in this article are in pounds sterling, the official currency of the United Kingdom. Undergraduate degrees cost between £10 000 and £30 000.

Living costs in the United Kingdom depend on which city you choose to study in. Generally, accommodation and living costs range from £5000 to £8000 per year. Scholarships, grants, and bursaries are available to help with study and living costs, check with your university for details.

Accommodation Costs

Student accommodation types in the United Kingdom include university-run halls of residence, privately run halls, and private rental properties.

University-run halls of residence have an average cost of £5244 per year, while privately run halls are usually more expensive. Private rental properties cost more, with the most expensive studio rentals being in London at upwards of £300 per week

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a requirement of obtaining a study visa for the United Kingdom. This costs £150 per year, and is paid at the time of visa application.

Work and Study

You can work while studying in the United Kingdom if your university is listed on both the official UKVI sponsor list and the recognised bodies list. Your work status can also be found on your visa.

International students may work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full time during the holidays. There are no restrictions for European Union students.

Most students find work on campus or close by. There are some jobs that international students aren’t permitted to do, which include self-employment and freelancing, entertainer, professional sportsperson, coach, or internships or work experience unrelated to the course of study.

To stay and work in the United Kingdom after completing your studies, you’ll need to apply for a work visa. There are options for most situations, including temporary, skilled, and entrepreneurial work visas.

Living Costs

The minimum wage in the UK varies with age. 18 to 20 year olds can expect £5.60 per hour, 21 to 24 year olds £7.05 per hour, and 25 year olds and over £7.50 per hour.

Living costs in the United Kingdom range from £5000 to £8000 per year. Check with your university to find out if there are any scholarships that could help cut the costs of study and living.

As well as course fees and accommodation costs, living costs in the United Kingdom include textbooks, other university fees, transport, groceries, utilities, and clothing.

If your home country has a double taxation agreement with the United Kingdom you won’t be required to lodge a tax return. If not, then you’ll need to pay tax on wages earnt in the United Kingdom.


Having a United Kingdom bank account is recommended, as it is the fastest and most convenient way to access your money while you study in the United Kingdom.

The official currency of the United Kingdom is pounds sterling (GBP).

Major banks in the United Kingdom include:


Public transport options in the United Kingdom include buses, trains, ferries, taxis, and Ubers. Students can get concession prices with a valid student ID card from their university.

Foreign driver licences can be used temporarily if you plan to stay less than 12 months in the United Kingdom. Otherwise you’ll need to go through the process of swapping your home country licence for a United Kingdom licence. This can be a simple swap for some countries, or require a practical driving test for others.

Health and Safety

Life expectancy in the United Kingdom is 81 years, higher than the average of 80 years for all countries.

The United Kingdom homicide rate is 0.2, much lower than the average rate of 4.1. This makes the United Kingdom one of the safest places to live and study.

Phone and Internet

Prepaid SIM cards are recommended for mobile phones. Landline phones will be needed for internet connections, and plans are available for both these and internet connection.

To make international calls from the United Kingdom first dial the exit code 00. Then add the code for the country you want to call, local area codes, and finally, the phone number itself.

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