Our Services

Our qualified staff at GoGlobal Study offer 100% FREE services to international students from all over the world.

The amount of money you pay when you organise international studies YOURSELF is exactly the same when WE organise your studies. Minus of course the headache of having to organise everything yourself.

We work with schools in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, and many countries in Europe.


Our FREE services include:


  • We offer FREE initial consultation with a qualified consultant to understand your study, career goals and outcomes. Consultation can be face-to-face, via Skype or telephone.

Finding the best course

  • Firstly, we suggest you look through the school lists on our website in our Study Options list and read about different countries in our Study Destinations. If you are interested in English language studies then please check our Intensive Language courses and if you would like to see what courses are popular with other students, see our Popular Courses
  • Once you find the school and course you are interested in, please contact us for further instructions on how to get you admitted to study.
  • If your chosen school or course is not on our lists, please let us know as in most cases we may still be able to assist.
  • We can provide you with appropriate study options and study quotes.

Admission to school

  • We will contact education institutes on your behalf for available courses and try to negotiate best possible price for you.
  • We will inform you of the documents required by your chosen school.
  • If your English level (if required) is not meeting the desired course requirement, we will work with you and advise you of any alternatives to suit you. Doing an Intensive Language course first may be a good option in such cases.

Country Selection

  • We help students to select from one of our many Study Destinations. Each country is unique in its course offerings, cost of study, course duration, work permits, scholarship, living expenses, post study work permits and permanent residency.
  • If you do not meet the entry requirements in your chosen country, we can advise on your options in studying in another country. GoGlobal Study works with schools in many different countries.
  • We help students to choose the best country to meet their study and  future requirements.

Admission guidance

  • We will provide detailed guidance in relation to the preparation of required documentation for your chosen course.
  • We will act on your behalf to obtain a “Placement Offer” from the school.
  • We will provide you with study advice including advice on attendance, satisfactory academic performance requirements, student welfare, mandatory and discretionary visa cancellations.
  • Our trained Counsellors will assist you in preparations for any interviews.

Visa guidance

We will advise you on the appropriate visa criteria for your chosen study destination.

Career opportunities

We conduct regular research into the job market in countries around the world. Our consultants are able to advise you on the latest employment trends and career opportunities to help you choose the right course.


We assist students to get scholarships in different countries. Sometimes the dream to study is not affordable and scholarship opportunity may solve the problem.

After your commence your studies

  • We can assist you with changing of school/course (if needed).
  • We can contact your Education institute on your behalf if you have any areas of concern or difficulties.

Travel and accommodation arrangement

  • As an optional service, we can help you to make travel arrangements.
  • We can assist with finding suitable accommodation.

Job placement

  • We can advise how and where to find employment.
  • We can review and assist with your resume FREE of charge (FREE resume assistance is ONLY available to GoGlobal Study clients) – having the right resume is very important in making the right impression and getting a job.

For clients applying to study in Australia

If you plan to study in Australia, in addition to the above services we also have the following FREE services:

  • We will organise your Australian Visa FREE of charge by an Australian Migration Agent (MARN 0533588).
  • We will regularly follow the progress of your student visa application.
  • We can arrange your health insurance in Australia as we work with most competitive insurance agencies in Australia.
  • We will advise you on your Medical Check-up and if you are in Australia, arrange your medical examination FREE of charge.
  • You can use our Au Pair and Demi Pair services in Australia through our affiliated business partner Au Pair Yeah – see if you qualify for this great opportunity! It’s free for our clients!
  • Once you are already a student in Australia, you are welcome to visit our office to discuss your needs and any problems while setting in the new study environment.
  • We organise PAID and UNPAID Internship programs in any chosen field of your study. Internship Programs are very valuable to young people seeking to build skills and to gain valuable, real world experience. Our clients get 10% discount on our Internship programs.

Running your own business on student visa in Australia is easy, we will advise you how!

  • We can provide you with FREE assistance with obtaining ABN number if you want to run your own business in Australia.
  • We can arrange to open a bank account that won’t charge you any fees, with one of the major banks in Australia.
  • We can assist you to obtain a Tax File Number in Australia from the Australian Tax office.

Other services

  • We can meet you at the airport and escort you to your accommodation or College/University location (charge is $100).

Immigration services by Australian immigration lawyer

  • Our in house Immigration Lawyer provides services for our clients in Australia. Immigration law in Australia is complex and often changes. Having an Immigration Lawyer will ensure that your future plans will go according to plan.
  • We can assist you in extending your studies and your visa in Australia FREE of charge.
  • We can assist you with applications for revocation of your visa.
  • We assist with all types of Australian visa should you wish to apply for another visa.
  • We can assist with student visa cancellations.
  • We can assist with review of student visa applications and related matters.
  • We provide assistance to students seeking residence or work visa in Australia.
  • Skills assessment, English language and other requirements.

Why us?

More than 10 years experience in Education and Migration!

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