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Internship Program

Internship Programs are very valuable to young people seeking to build skills and to gain valuable, real world experience.

It is an opportunity for the young person to apply theory and skills they learned while studying in a professional workplace. The type of tasks performed by an Intern will vary depending on the experience and skills.

For an employer, an Intern is an added manpower and increase in productivity, and the most effective way to evaluate potential employee, that’s why Programs like this are so popular with businesses.

GoGlobal Study located in Bentleigh, Victoria, organises both paid and unpaid internship programs for both local Australian and international students studying in Australia.

In some cases, Internships are programs that students are required to undertake as part of their studies and in other cases they are not part of their study program, but students chose to undertake them to get work experience in their chosen field.

GoGlobal Study works with over 200 schools, which gives employers the access to many potential Interns from many backgrounds.


Unpaid internship rules

  • The main goal of the Internship program is genuine work experience placement or Internship and not for the Host Organisation gaining a significant benefit as a result of engaging the person
  • The person undertaking Internship must be receiving a genuine work experience placement or internship should flow to the person doing the placement


Under the Fair Work Act, an Internship needs to be paid unless it is:

  • Not for profit organisation
  • A ‘vocational placement’ as defined in the Fair Work Act (2009) as required and/or assessable part of the student’s course


Paid internship rules:

  • The Host Organisation would normally provide insurance cover. If the Host Organisation is unable to provide Insurance cover, please advise GoGlobal Study.


Unpaid Internship rules:

  • The applicant would arrange his/her own insurance cover unless Host Organisation will agree to provide it.
  • GoGlobal Study requires applicants for unpaid Internship to present proof of the required insurance cover and confirmation from employers that for paid Internships insurance is provided.


Job Ready Program

GoGlobal Study also prepares candidates for the Internship.

Before student is placed with the Host Organisation, GoGlobal Study organises Job Ready Program to prepare the candidate for the Internship.


How to apply

Please upload our Forms to apply for the Internship. The Internship Forms include all the necessary information about the Internship.

Download Registration Form

  • Host Company Registration Form

  • Internship Pack For Candidate