About Us

GoGlobal Study was founded in 2005 to assist international students to get into schools in Australia.

Over the years due to rising demands, we also started assisting students who wanted to study in other countries. We now also represent schools in New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and many countries in Europe.

We believe that education is extremely important in life. Education reduces poverty and inequality, increases income and the chance of having a healthy and happy life and makes you more independent and more confident. Education is simply the single best investment you can possibly do in your life as the best investment you can ever make is in yourself! Education changed our lives at GoGlobal Study and it can change your life too!

Study abroad is one of the most rewarding decisions. There are many reasons why studying abroad is really worth it. Some of those are:

it helps fulfill a dream of travel without taking a break from your studies

it can really boost your image with potential employers

it teaches you a new language

it helps you to grow

it teaches you independence

new lifelong friendships.

GoGlobal Study helped many individuals to fulfill their dream and obtain successful admission to schools around the world. As we have schools in many different countries, our clients are always able to find a country where they qualify to study.

GoGlobal Study is based in the suburb of Bentleigh in the most livable city in the world, Melbourne, Australia. We are easily accessible by car or public transport. We are also available for consultations by Skype.

At GoGlobal Study, we don’t give false hopes and we help clients to save time and money.

Our Advantages

Our director Hannah Malewska is an Australian solicitor and accredited Migration Agent with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Hannah also worked for the Australian government.

Our Manager, Alicia Solnicka completed a Bachelor degree in Accounting in Australia as an international student and also worked at several reputable international schools in Melbourne. Alicia is also a qualified translator from English to Polish

We are able to provide our students with services related to student admission to school and in majority of cases, also student visa services. Most agencies only provide one or the other. We place equal emphasis on both.